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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Outreach Meeting - 3/16/07

Upcoming Projects

Habitat for Humanity – Will be joining with other churches in doing a Habitat Practice. We have set a goal of contributing $2,000 towards this project. Will be announcing and asking for donations on April 1. Next meeting is 4/26/07. Derek Brown has agreed to be Coordinator for RUMC.

Bread for the World – Rev. Sara Phillips and Kathy Murray attended BFW meeting on 3/13/07. A benefactor has offered to provide the financial commitment to make Reconciliation a Covenant Church. This would involve conducting a periodic “Offering of Letter” to Congress on issues of hunger. This year’s project involves the renewal of the Farm Bill.

United National Association Conference – April 14. Reconciliation will have a display table. Volunteers to be at the table would be helpful.

Crop Walk is coming up on 4/1/07 – Walkers and sponsors of walkers are needed.

IHN Hosting – 4/15/07 – Marianne Daye is trying to arrange a small cook-out, if we can think of a public park or some place like that.