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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Report on Outreach Meeting – 9/17/06

Discussed joining Bread for the World as a covenant church and having a membership drive. Novelty idea would be baking loaves of bread as an incentive for individual memberships. We will have a letter-writing campaign in the Spring. Could possibly join up with Immaculate Conception on this. Sarah Phillips will discuss this idea with Kevin.

Discussed IHN fundraiser on November 11 – dinner and silent auction. Reconciliation will be putting together a basket with an athletic theme. Next IHN hosting is November 12. Volunteers are needed for food, transportation and overnight.

The Montegnards have some family members joining them who will need some services. Kent Gill expressed an interest in connecting with them.

Discussed having another movie and discussion group in conjunction with other churches with the theme of poverty. Melissa Rasberry is investigating obtaining a copy of the Morgan Spurlock episode on 30 days, in which he lives on a minimum wage job for 30 days. She will also facilitate a discussion after the showing.

Hispanic Outreach
Discussed having Latino dance class before the RUMC picnic date. Sarah will explore this idea further and her garage may be a potential site.


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